Haunting’s: Wyoming Frontier Prison.


The Wyoming Frontier Prison, a place of overcrowding, horrible deaths, living conditions were many of America’s most horrible criminals held their sentences. It’s said to be haunted by the past criminals that once lived there. Lets what the Wyoming Frontier prison has to offer.


The Wyoming Frontier Prison was the state’s first state penitentiary, the prison was laid in 1888 but due to events like weather and funding issues the prison didn’t open its door’s till  1901. The prison has 104 cells. It also had no electricity, heating and no running water.  Some of the executions were hangings, and gas chambers. 14 men were executed all together nine were hung and five were gassed. The prison had different disciplinary actions, a dungeon, several solitary confident and a punishment pole were inmates were handcuffed and whipped by a rubber hose.   Many deaths beside executions happened at the prison, it’s reported that over 200 inmates have died due to living conditions, some guards were murdered by inmates who tried to escape. Lots of stress and death plague the prison.  Many of the executions were slow and painful, the gas chamber took up to 10 minutes, and eyes popped tongues bloated, slow suffocation all happened. The hanging was a slow process as well.

The prison wasn’t all grizzly; it produced many goods for four major industries during the years of 1901 and 1917 the prison had a boom factory, but the factory was burned down by some of the inmates during a riot. The factory was then rebuilt and was used a shirt factory it brought more revenue to the state. The last products the prison made were blankets for the military and license plates. The prison then closed in 1981. It sat abandoned till 1987 were a movie was filmed, significant damage was done due to the building not being recognized as a historic place. In 1988 it was dubbed a museum and was named a historic place, it now gives tours too many visitors.

Paranormal Activity:

Due to the deaths of the executed and deaths of the inmates who died from the living conditions the ghosts are reportedly to roam the halls. Maybe the ghost’s are scared that they will go to hell, so they haunt the prison instead.  The inmates were murders, rapists, burglars and committed other crimes. These men who committed horrible crimes now haunt the prison, so imagine what type of things the ghosts do to visitors.

Ghost Adventures was there to see if the prison was really haunted, here is what they found.

Watch here


Haunting’s: Edinburgh Vaults.


The Edinburgh Vaults are said to be filled with paranormal activity. Due to the history of the city and  vaults it’s no surprise that many visitors of the south bridge vaults report ghostly happenings.


The vaults are a series of chambers that were 19 arches underneath the South Bridge in Edinburgh. The vaults were used to house taverns, Cobblers, Tradesmen and other shop owners. They lived down in the vaults and worked on their trade. But due to poor construction, rain came in constantly through the cracks also the waste, blood and other diseases came in as well, making it a hazard’s place to live. After the shops closed the homeless and other people who were a burden to society lived down there. There is some speculation if the victims of serial killers Burke and Hare are buried in the tunnels.  

During the Irish Potato Famine during 1845-1847 thousands of Irish immigrants came to Scotland only looking for survival. They were forced into the vaults; the vaults housed up to 10 people or more, making it horrible living conditions barely any circulation and damp conditions. This became Edinburgh’s red light district; Prostitution, gambling, rape and murder ran rampant as well as disease. By the late 19th century the vaults were closed off for good. In 1988 a local man crawled through a passageway in one of his buildings, he found the closed off vaults. Then reports of ghostly activity poured in.

Paranormal Activity:

There are several ghosts’ that live down in the vaults. Many visitors report cold gusts of air, they claim to   hear voices and have seen apportions of some the spirits.

Some of the ghost’s now have names

A ghost that is named Mr. Boots is said to haunt the back section of the vaults, he is an evil entity that is known to throw rocks at guests and push them. He was nicknamed that due to his large boots that can be seen and heard.

A ghost child by the name Jack, he likes to grab hands in the wine vault section.

There could be more ghosts down there due to its violent history; if you’re interested book yourself a ghost tour and maybe you will see Mr. Boots, Jack or a new ghost.

The popular TV show, Ghost Adventures stopped at the vaults, they claimed to have heard and seen ghostly activity during their visit.  

Click here to watch the Ghost Adventures episode

Hauntings: Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah Georgia.


The Moon River Brewery Company is said to be one of the most haunted places in Savannah Georgia, the ghosts have been know to attack the staff and patrons of the brewery. Many fear to walk into the place after dark. SavannahGeorgia one of the most haunted cities in the entire world. Many people who have lived their whole lives there claim to have seen weird supernatural assurances. SavannahGeorgia has one of the most brutal history, mostly every battle fought here in the USA has been, had four great fires and you have got yourself a pretty haunted city.   To read more about Savannah click here

The Moon River Brewery Company History:

The building was built in 1821; it was the first city hotel in Savannah, also making it the first postal service branch. In 1851 Peter Wiltberger bought the hotel; put a live lion and lioness on display to grow more business, his last guest checked out in 1864. Just before the civil war, the building was used as a coal and lumber warehouse, it then closed its doors and became public storage, in the 1960s it became a office supply store it featured a large printing press. Hurricane David forced the building to close as it blew the roof off. The building sat empty till 1995 and then was transformed into the place it is today.

Paranormal activity:

The building is said to be haunted by many different ghost’s patrons have seen a women in a white dress, a civil war solider and child spirits which are common to see. Itcould be that the hotel was converted into a hospital ward during the yellow fever, which housed many children and older people.

Lots of paranormal activity has happened, a woman by the name of Christina was attacked during a book party, a supernatural being forced itself onto her neck pushing her back while chocking her at the same time

A staff person saw to bottles flew off the wall and hit the desk

A the foreman’s wife was pushed down the stairs by a woman in a white dress

A ghost called Toby is said to be physical towards anyone

People have tried to renovate the building but power tools would go missing workmen would get pushed off their ladders

Most of the activity happens in the basement near the tunnels

Could it be ghosts? Or demonic entities?

The popular ghost show, Ghost Adventures went to the Brewery and found and heard lots of activity, they also interviewed people who claim to have seen ghosts.

Click here to watch the show

Real or just illusions you decide. If your in the area pop in for a beer and some food and maybe you will see a ghost

Hauntings: Talbot Hotel.


Looking for a hotel in Oundle England?

Why not try the Talbot Hotel?

A historic hotel with an interesting history

It has nice rooms

Lovely breakfast and dinner

They host weddings and conferences

Nice grounds around the property

And a range of ghosts… But don’t worry; they won’t bite, unless you provoke them…

Brief History:

The stone work and stair case are said to come from a castle that was called Fotheringhay castle. When the hotel was rebuilt in 1626, Marry Queen of Scotts was executed in the castle in 1587. Her son and grandson worked on demolishing the castle.  It’s said that when marry walked to her execution she left a mark on the stair case by gripping on the handle of the stair case to keep her balance. Her ring left a small indent on the stair case.  There is a monument of the  castle , but the ghost of Marry could now be at the hotel.


Many ghost’s have been seen in and around the hotel, lots of activity has happened causing things to come off the walls, ghost’s have been seen walking down and up the stair case, furniture has moved and a picture of marry has been thrown off the wall a few times. A guest staying in the room dedicated to her has reported feeling cold hands pushing them against the bed. Could it be marry?  Or someone else?

Check out these cool videos from ghosts hunters that were at the hotel, see for yourself if its actually haunted. Convinced? Then book yourself a stay, preferably in Mary’s room.

Click here for part one

Click here for part two

Click here for part three

Haunting’s: Vulture Mine.

Grab your guns, grab your horse’s and grab your gold pans cause were going to Vulture mine In Wickenburg Arizona.  The Vulture mine was once a bustling town; people moved there once word got out that there was gold in the mines.  People had hopes of making it big and getting rich.  There of course was greed and all men for himself attitudes. People who tried to steal the gold were hung, people who tried to steal gold from the mine were killed in a cave in, but of course there were murders, rapes and other stories that keep the talk of paranormal activity fresh. Let’s dig into, Vulture Mine.


The Vulture mine was discovered by Henry Wickenburg in 1863; Henry sold the mine a few years later. But after that, it became one of the most productive gold mines in the state of Arizona. The population of Vulture grew to 5,000 as word got out that there was gold. The mine sparked development for Phoenix and Arizona. The mine produced over 200 million dollars worth of gold, though the exact amount is still unknown.  The city was notorious for its theft, people who tried to steal gold from the vault or mine were hung without trail. They were hung from the Vulture hanging tree, which is still there today.  The mine closed in 1942 during World War II. The town still sits there; you can take a tour of the town, or join a local ghost hunting team and discover a whole new town.

Paranormal activity:

Since the hangings, murders and other violent happenings that plagued the town, many visitors, workers, and ghost hunting teams claim the mine town is haunted.  In different buildings and locations throughout the town, you can experience a ghost or two.

The caretaker’s home, which is now, abandoned the caretaker and her husband claimed to have seen a ghost standing right next to the fire place.

The tree, where 18 men were hung from is a hot spot for paranormal activity.

The vault is reportedly haunted by two men who tried to steal gold; sometimes you can hear them telling you to “take the gold”

A ghost named “Mexican Rita” is said to haunt the Bordello building

In the school house building, there is some activity a shadow figure was spotted in the door way, and a woman standing up against the wall was pushed.

In the office,  something throws a rock threw a window, also the 2nd floor of the office has been known to have someone walking on the floor, causing dirt to come down and make loud booming footsteps.

Ghost towns are notorious for paranormal activity, the popular ghost adventures show went out to see if the mining town lived up to the rumors.

Watch here

Haunting’s: The Ancient Ram Inn.


Haunting’s: Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn was built on an ancient Pagan burial ground; the inn is located in Wotton- under- edge in England. The Inn was built upon a burial ground where bones and other findings are still being found. The inn has a certain unsettling feeling when you walk in. Creaky floor’s musty smells and overbearing feeling of being watched by something, or someone, due to its history it’s not hard to see why.

Brief history:

the inn was built in 1145; it was a former priest’s residence and also an inn and public house. The pagan burial ground that is said to be underneath the Inn is about 5,000 years old. The house was first used to house masons, slaves and workers who were building the St. Mary’s church across the street. The land sits upon an intersection, the ley lines. People believe that those two lines hold high spiritual energy. Using a map, those two lines can be traced all the way to  Stonehenge legends say that the energy from Stonehenge travel’s to power the paranormal activity in Wotton. A witch, who is said to haunt the place, was burned at the stake during the 1500’s during the prosecutions. She took refuge in the Inn before she was captured. Many people believe she haunts the place, a room called the “witches room” is dedicated to her. In the late 1960’s a man by the name of John Humphries, watched the house. During his first few nights, john was met with an angry spirit who grabbed him by the arm and dragged him down the hall way. John is the only living occupant in the Ancient Ram Inn, he dedicated his years protecting the house. Inside the home he found evidence of spiritual rituals, scarifies and devil worship. He discovered skeletal remains of children under the staircase, also with the skeletons broken daggers. He still claims to be haunted and attacked the spirits in the house.

Paranormal activity:

The current owner and previous owners have claimed this house to have many different spirits. Which makes it the most haunted house in all of Great Britain.

An Incubus is said to haunt the place, it wakes you up and wants to have sex with you.

A witch haunts a room in the house; she is reportedly nasty and mean.

Many people have reportedly became possessed in the bishop’s room and had to go to the church to get exorcised.

These may seem like extreme claims, but the popular TV show Ghost Adventures stopped by for a visit to see if the claims were true.

Watch here

A local team of ghost hunters stopped by the Inn and found some interesting things

 Watch here

After watching decide for yourself if the inn is truly haunted, if you’re convinced stop by for a visit if you’re ever near Wotton, if you’re not convinced consider stopping by as well.

Haunting’s: Woodchester Mansion, Woodchester Gloucestershire, England


he Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire, England a beautiful historic looking property, but on the inside lies something more sinister.

Brief History:

The Woodchester Mansion was built on an existing park and mansion; the previous mansion had a history of its own. It was called Spring Park and has a history of dating back to the roman occupation. Many visitors claim to see roman soldiers on the property The home started construction in 1858 and was partially finished in 1870, William Leigh hired aspiring architect Benjamin Bucknall, his previous architect became ill and that’s when he hired Benjamin Bucknall.   They tore down the existing mansion that was previously there, they built a new one but stopped after William passed away, and it then was transferred to different people and different architects who saw a new vision for the home.  It was then given to George Huntley, but the expense of taking care of the park nearly bankrupted Mr. Huntley. To this day it sits there in its old glory. You can now go and take a tour of the mansion and see for yourself. (To read more click here)


Let’s move onto what makes this house “spooky” Over the past two hundred years, many sightings have been reported by several people,  a man claimed to see an apportion in 1902. many visitors claim that ghost’s have attacked them causing them to collapse.

The Mansion has its own chapel and it has been reported that satanic rituals have been performed there, a young girl has been spotted playing around the stairs and a many visitors have claimed to hear a woman singing an Irish song.

During WW2 American soldiers were stationed at the mansion, a tragedy accord when twenty soldiers drowned after a pontoon bridge collapsed, the GI’s have been sensed by visitors

A Monk reportedly committed suicide during the middle ages; a coffin floating above the lake can be seen

Before the Woodchester was built, Sir Rupert De Lansigny killed his cousin to gain control of the Spring Park estate, a phantom horseman has been seen around the gates of the park.


It has been said that the mansion has some of the scariest ghosts in the United Kingdom. Many ghost hunting teams and television shows have went to the mansion and found some evidence to back these claims. These videos are from local ghost hunters. 

Video one

Video two

Video three

Video four