An American Ghost Story ( Movie review)




A low-budget film titled An American Ghost Story, is about a man and his girlfriend who move into a haunted home, so he can write a book about the things that happen to them while they live there. After settling into their new home, his girlfriend begins to experience weird things that happen, then he does as well. Which only leads to chaos and haunting’s throughout their stay.

               This film was a pretty low budget with a not so stellar script, but okay acting. It’s not a low budget film with the camcorder and your friends handling the equipment. I found this on a Red-box, while leaving work and thought it looked pretty interesting after seeing most of the horror movies already out on DVD, I thought I would give this a try.  

               The scare-factor: The scares in this film are pretty tame, I would say one scare got me while the rest were predictable and ruined by music.

               Blood and gore: This film contains no blood or gore.

               Originality: Like most films these day’s that are about haunting’s, this one falls into the predictable part. Though, it’s not a found-footage type it still uses some scenes from other films.

Final thoughts, this movie could have been better, the repetitive music that plays throughout the film gets old and ruins the scares. The script could have been better, also better special effects as well. The film could have provided some fresh ideas and fresh innovative ways for the haunting sub-genre for horror. But, it plays it safe. 


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