Amber Alert (Film review)





               What would you do if you saw the exact match of an Amber Alert driving next to you?, would you call the police… or follow? That’s what happens in the film Amber Alert.

               Amber Alert tells the story of two lifelong friends who are auditioning for a reality TV show, find that they are driving right next to a car which was listed in an Amber Alert. They decide to follow the car, and what follows after that is for you to see.

The film is a found-footage type that documents their journey. It’s full of emotion, and heart pounding suspense. The two main characters are definitely believable in this film. The found-footage filming does work in this film, it adds more suspense. The film definitely pulls you in more and more. Though sometimes some of the characters can get under your skin. But that adds more to the suspense.

Like most found footage films, this film has some originality following an Amber Alert and chasing the car down. They’re not exactly being hunted by a killer or demon. Like Paranormal activity where the camera just sits in a few places and we watch the video, this film throws you into it.

This film has more tension than scares. Towards the end it gets scarier with someone popping out of nowhere.  It builds a rollercoaster ride for you, by following the car and the characters making hard decisions if they should follow or not.

I recommend this film to anyone who likes found-footage horror films or people who like good tension building movies. 



An American Ghost Story ( Movie review)




A low-budget film titled An American Ghost Story, is about a man and his girlfriend who move into a haunted home, so he can write a book about the things that happen to them while they live there. After settling into their new home, his girlfriend begins to experience weird things that happen, then he does as well. Which only leads to chaos and haunting’s throughout their stay.

               This film was a pretty low budget with a not so stellar script, but okay acting. It’s not a low budget film with the camcorder and your friends handling the equipment. I found this on a Red-box, while leaving work and thought it looked pretty interesting after seeing most of the horror movies already out on DVD, I thought I would give this a try.  

               The scare-factor: The scares in this film are pretty tame, I would say one scare got me while the rest were predictable and ruined by music.

               Blood and gore: This film contains no blood or gore.

               Originality: Like most films these day’s that are about haunting’s, this one falls into the predictable part. Though, it’s not a found-footage type it still uses some scenes from other films.

Final thoughts, this movie could have been better, the repetitive music that plays throughout the film gets old and ruins the scares. The script could have been better, also better special effects as well. The film could have provided some fresh ideas and fresh innovative ways for the haunting sub-genre for horror. But, it plays it safe. 


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The Conjuring: Movie review.




                The Conjuring which based on the true story of the of the Perron family, and Ed and Lorrain Warren’s investigations, the film is somewhat of a tribute to Ed and Lorraine and their many paranormal investigations.

                The film follows the Perron family who just moved into a beautiful secluded farm house. As they settle into their home many strange occurrences start to happen. Odd noises, an invisible being pulling the girls legs at night. After one night, where the mother is locked in the basement and their oldest daughter is attacked, they reach out to Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are what you would call ghost specialists.  They go up to the home, only to find what Carolyn, the mother said was true. After the Warrens start their investigation things start to get worse.

                This movie was really great. It lived up to the hype that is surrounding it. The film doesn’t feature hardly any gore or blood. Its rating is based on the terrifying scenes.  I enjoyed ever y minute of this film. I liked how we got a peak into Ed and Lorraine’s life while following the Perrons. In the beginning of the film, we start with one of the Warrens most interesting case, which was Annabel. The haunted doll.

                A couple scenes that really stood out was, the maid scene, when Carolyn gets trapped in the basement, and the exorcism. It has so many twists and turns that makes its brilliant. 

                The movie raises the bar on ghost movies, since most ghost movies like to focus more on the exorcism part, this movie focuses on the stuff that happens before and does a great exorcism scene. The movie doesn’t feature any cliches. I loved how the music was synced and matched each scene.  You can tell that James Wan directed it by the music and decoration, the creepy doll, old creepy location.

                A really fantastic film that took you on a rollercoaster ride from the beginning all the way to the end, it beats all the remakes and other horror movies that have come out this year. I give this film 5/5 stars.


The Purge: movie review

The Purge, a movie that tried to re define horror and re define America. This movie was on the top of my list to see, being how we were plagued with many remakes and crappy cliché films over the year. This movie looked promising and full of good action. But did it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look.

The Purge, a movie about once a year all crime is legal in America, due to the new Founding Fathers. The night allows for people to cleanse their souls and cleanse all the hate they harbor inside them. You can do whatever you want basically, but there are some restrictions level 10 politicians are off limits and some weapons as well. You can try to protect yourself by staying inside, or buying a state of the art security system.

The movie followed a family of four as they prepared for the annual purge, James who’s a sales man of a state of the art security system; his home and everyone else’s home have his companies system, so he has made a huge fortune. His wife Mary is a stay at home mom, it seemed like and their two kids Zoey and Henry. They prep for the annual night by eating dinner, and then followed by arming their house and listening to the annual warning system to start the purge.

As the family goes about their daily routines, Henry spots a man trying to find shelter for the night, as he’s being chased by a group of people, his feelings overtake what his dad said, and so he lets him in. The group that was chasing the man shows up at the front door of the Sadin’s residence. They demand him to come out so they can purge, and that’s when the terror and twists and turns begin.

This movie did have a lot of good things going about it. I enjoyed the twist which separated it from many home invasion films; the government encourages this night and many citizens as well.  I enjoyed how it played out and how it ended.

Though it did have some flaws, the acting was a bit awkward, it didn’t seem to have a flow until the movie got going, the movie didn’t really explain how the purge became a thing, nor did it show anything outside (Not that it’s a flaw, it would have been pretty cool to see) Also the scares were good, but some were your average cliché scares that are found in most films.

A few scenes that were really well done, was the ending scene, can’t give to much away but it had some humor in it which made it pretty good and also had a big twist.

The rec-room scene was very well done, lots of great action and surprises.

The gore level was average, not much gore expect, blood and lots of it.

Originality, It seemed original and it took the home invasion concept and twisted it into a thing where crime and murder is legal so you can’t do anything about it, no one but yourself and allies can save you.

I really enjoyed this film; it did have a slow take off but built as it progressed.

I give this film 4/5 stars.