Haunting’s: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


The Trans-Allegheny lunatic asylum in West Virginia, in the town of Weston, the asylum has a history of death and torture. The asylum is reportedly haunted, making it one of America’s top 10 haunted places and maybe the world. Due to its history it may make it clear as to why.

Brief history:

The asylum was built in 1858 – 1881; it opened to patients in 1864. The hospital’s first patient was a female housekeeper. The hospital was designed as a Gothic revival and Tudor revival style, the architect was Richard Andrews, the hospital is also the world’s largest cut stone masonry building in North America.  The hospital was only supposed to house 250 people, but it had overcrowding issues making the guest grand total to 2,400 patients in 1950. The conditions were poor and not well, the hospital was closed due to the changes in treatments to the patients and the physical deterioration of the building, it closed its doors in 1994. Now it’s used for ghost tours and other tours. (To read more about the history click here)


Hundreds of people have died at the hospital, which would make sense for the supposed haunting and paranormal activity. Many staff members and guests have seen apparitions, heard voices, and felt something touch them.

Many ghost hunters from around the world have visited the hospital, including the popular show, ghost adventures

They hosted a live special from the hospital; they locked themselves in for several hours.

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A group called Adventure myth stopped by as well

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Haunting’s: Vulture Mine.

Grab your guns, grab your horse’s and grab your gold pans cause were going to Vulture mine In Wickenburg Arizona.  The Vulture mine was once a bustling town; people moved there once word got out that there was gold in the mines.  People had hopes of making it big and getting rich.  There of course was greed and all men for himself attitudes. People who tried to steal the gold were hung, people who tried to steal gold from the mine were killed in a cave in, but of course there were murders, rapes and other stories that keep the talk of paranormal activity fresh. Let’s dig into, Vulture Mine.


The Vulture mine was discovered by Henry Wickenburg in 1863; Henry sold the mine a few years later. But after that, it became one of the most productive gold mines in the state of Arizona. The population of Vulture grew to 5,000 as word got out that there was gold. The mine sparked development for Phoenix and Arizona. The mine produced over 200 million dollars worth of gold, though the exact amount is still unknown.  The city was notorious for its theft, people who tried to steal gold from the vault or mine were hung without trail. They were hung from the Vulture hanging tree, which is still there today.  The mine closed in 1942 during World War II. The town still sits there; you can take a tour of the town, or join a local ghost hunting team and discover a whole new town.

Paranormal activity:

Since the hangings, murders and other violent happenings that plagued the town, many visitors, workers, and ghost hunting teams claim the mine town is haunted.  In different buildings and locations throughout the town, you can experience a ghost or two.

The caretaker’s home, which is now, abandoned the caretaker and her husband claimed to have seen a ghost standing right next to the fire place.

The tree, where 18 men were hung from is a hot spot for paranormal activity.

The vault is reportedly haunted by two men who tried to steal gold; sometimes you can hear them telling you to “take the gold”

A ghost named “Mexican Rita” is said to haunt the Bordello building

In the school house building, there is some activity a shadow figure was spotted in the door way, and a woman standing up against the wall was pushed.

In the office,  something throws a rock threw a window, also the 2nd floor of the office has been known to have someone walking on the floor, causing dirt to come down and make loud booming footsteps.

Ghost towns are notorious for paranormal activity, the popular ghost adventures show went out to see if the mining town lived up to the rumors.

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Haunting’s: The Whaley House.


The Whaley house, located in San Diego, California is one of the most haunted places in the world. Many TV shows have visited the reportedly haunted house, and the house was inspiration for a movie, called The Haunting of Whaley house, which came out in 2012.

But what makes the house haunted? What drives people from around the world to tour the home? Well… I’m about to tell you!

From the outside, it looks like your average everyday suburban home. But inside, is a completely different story.

The Whaley house was built in 1857, by Thomas Whaley; the house was built partially on a cemetery. Thomas came to California during the gold rush ( Read the family’s history here

Now let’s get to what makes this house, spooky. There have been many reports and findings of ghosts, stranger noise’s, things moving by themselves.

The ghost’s in the house are a spirit of a young girl; she was accidentally hanged on the property.

The ghost of Yankee Jim Robinson, who was a thief; he was beaten to death on the property. His ghost now reportedly haunts the stairway area; many visitors claim to have seen and heard him.

There is a read headed girl, who can be seen so vividly sometimes she is mistaken for a live child.

This house has been named one of, it not the top 3 haunted houses in the world. Many psychics have claimed to see many ghost’s and felt a lot of energy.

Watch some videos about the house here

Video one

Video two