Hauntings: Talbot Hotel.


Looking for a hotel in Oundle England?

Why not try the Talbot Hotel?

A historic hotel with an interesting history

It has nice rooms

Lovely breakfast and dinner

They host weddings and conferences

Nice grounds around the property

And a range of ghosts… But don’t worry; they won’t bite, unless you provoke them…

Brief History:

The stone work and stair case are said to come from a castle that was called Fotheringhay castle. When the hotel was rebuilt in 1626, Marry Queen of Scotts was executed in the castle in 1587. Her son and grandson worked on demolishing the castle.  It’s said that when marry walked to her execution she left a mark on the stair case by gripping on the handle of the stair case to keep her balance. Her ring left a small indent on the stair case.  There is a monument of the  castle , but the ghost of Marry could now be at the hotel.


Many ghost’s have been seen in and around the hotel, lots of activity has happened causing things to come off the walls, ghost’s have been seen walking down and up the stair case, furniture has moved and a picture of marry has been thrown off the wall a few times. A guest staying in the room dedicated to her has reported feeling cold hands pushing them against the bed. Could it be marry?  Or someone else?

Check out these cool videos from ghosts hunters that were at the hotel, see for yourself if its actually haunted. Convinced? Then book yourself a stay, preferably in Mary’s room.

Click here for part one

Click here for part two

Click here for part three


Haunting’s: Woodchester Mansion, Woodchester Gloucestershire, England


he Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire, England a beautiful historic looking property, but on the inside lies something more sinister.

Brief History:

The Woodchester Mansion was built on an existing park and mansion; the previous mansion had a history of its own. It was called Spring Park and has a history of dating back to the roman occupation. Many visitors claim to see roman soldiers on the property The home started construction in 1858 and was partially finished in 1870, William Leigh hired aspiring architect Benjamin Bucknall, his previous architect became ill and that’s when he hired Benjamin Bucknall.   They tore down the existing mansion that was previously there, they built a new one but stopped after William passed away, and it then was transferred to different people and different architects who saw a new vision for the home.  It was then given to George Huntley, but the expense of taking care of the park nearly bankrupted Mr. Huntley. To this day it sits there in its old glory. You can now go and take a tour of the mansion and see for yourself. (To read more click here)


Let’s move onto what makes this house “spooky” Over the past two hundred years, many sightings have been reported by several people,  a man claimed to see an apportion in 1902. many visitors claim that ghost’s have attacked them causing them to collapse.

The Mansion has its own chapel and it has been reported that satanic rituals have been performed there, a young girl has been spotted playing around the stairs and a many visitors have claimed to hear a woman singing an Irish song.

During WW2 American soldiers were stationed at the mansion, a tragedy accord when twenty soldiers drowned after a pontoon bridge collapsed, the GI’s have been sensed by visitors

A Monk reportedly committed suicide during the middle ages; a coffin floating above the lake can be seen

Before the Woodchester was built, Sir Rupert De Lansigny killed his cousin to gain control of the Spring Park estate, a phantom horseman has been seen around the gates of the park.


It has been said that the mansion has some of the scariest ghosts in the United Kingdom. Many ghost hunting teams and television shows have went to the mansion and found some evidence to back these claims. These videos are from local ghost hunters. 

Video one

Video two

Video three

Video four