Haunting’s: The Whaley House.


The Whaley house, located in San Diego, California is one of the most haunted places in the world. Many TV shows have visited the reportedly haunted house, and the house was inspiration for a movie, called The Haunting of Whaley house, which came out in 2012.

But what makes the house haunted? What drives people from around the world to tour the home? Well… I’m about to tell you!

From the outside, it looks like your average everyday suburban home. But inside, is a completely different story.

The Whaley house was built in 1857, by Thomas Whaley; the house was built partially on a cemetery. Thomas came to California during the gold rush ( Read the family’s history here

Now let’s get to what makes this house, spooky. There have been many reports and findings of ghosts, stranger noise’s, things moving by themselves.

The ghost’s in the house are a spirit of a young girl; she was accidentally hanged on the property.

The ghost of Yankee Jim Robinson, who was a thief; he was beaten to death on the property. His ghost now reportedly haunts the stairway area; many visitors claim to have seen and heard him.

There is a read headed girl, who can be seen so vividly sometimes she is mistaken for a live child.

This house has been named one of, it not the top 3 haunted houses in the world. Many psychics have claimed to see many ghost’s and felt a lot of energy.

Watch some videos about the house here

Video one

Video two