Grave Halloween. ( Film Review)




A young woman who is studying in Japan for college, seeks to honor her mother in the Suicide Forest, her mother committed suicide there.  On Halloween, a ritual is held to honor those who have past and make sure they pass on. Miko, and her friends go to the forest to document their journey. As they venture into the forest they encounter weird and unusual happenings; voices, visions, and ghosts.

Grave Halloween is a SyFy original movie, which premiered October 19th 2013. The film uses western and Japanese horror which worked well. The film was well made for TV, knowing most SyFy films, it didn’t feel cheap or cheesy.

The film seemed original in the sense, there hasn’t been a lot of movies featuring the Suicide Forest.  There are been numerous documentaries about the forest where people from around the world come to kill themselves. The premise seemed interesting, being how the forest is controversial.

The script was good for a TV movie, it flowed really well, and there weren’t any plot holes. The acting was also good and believable. The main actress, Kaitlyn Leed was very good in her role as Miko.

Regarding special effects, they were well done. The mysterious ghosts in the forest were well done and made to look real. As mentioned earlier, SyFy tends to go cheap on effects and make up.

Some scenes that I thought were well done are, the dream sequences. The film-makers made them dreamlike and allowed them to tell the back story. The chase through the forest by the ghosts gave it an eerie feeling and allowed for some great scares.

Overall thoughts, the film was great for a TV movie. The acting was great and so were the effects. The story flowed easy and was left open for a second film. I recommend this film to fans of the genre as well as to new fans who are curious to see more films.



The Purge: movie review

The Purge, a movie that tried to re define horror and re define America. This movie was on the top of my list to see, being how we were plagued with many remakes and crappy cliché films over the year. This movie looked promising and full of good action. But did it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look.

The Purge, a movie about once a year all crime is legal in America, due to the new Founding Fathers. The night allows for people to cleanse their souls and cleanse all the hate they harbor inside them. You can do whatever you want basically, but there are some restrictions level 10 politicians are off limits and some weapons as well. You can try to protect yourself by staying inside, or buying a state of the art security system.

The movie followed a family of four as they prepared for the annual purge, James who’s a sales man of a state of the art security system; his home and everyone else’s home have his companies system, so he has made a huge fortune. His wife Mary is a stay at home mom, it seemed like and their two kids Zoey and Henry. They prep for the annual night by eating dinner, and then followed by arming their house and listening to the annual warning system to start the purge.

As the family goes about their daily routines, Henry spots a man trying to find shelter for the night, as he’s being chased by a group of people, his feelings overtake what his dad said, and so he lets him in. The group that was chasing the man shows up at the front door of the Sadin’s residence. They demand him to come out so they can purge, and that’s when the terror and twists and turns begin.

This movie did have a lot of good things going about it. I enjoyed the twist which separated it from many home invasion films; the government encourages this night and many citizens as well.  I enjoyed how it played out and how it ended.

Though it did have some flaws, the acting was a bit awkward, it didn’t seem to have a flow until the movie got going, the movie didn’t really explain how the purge became a thing, nor did it show anything outside (Not that it’s a flaw, it would have been pretty cool to see) Also the scares were good, but some were your average cliché scares that are found in most films.

A few scenes that were really well done, was the ending scene, can’t give to much away but it had some humor in it which made it pretty good and also had a big twist.

The rec-room scene was very well done, lots of great action and surprises.

The gore level was average, not much gore expect, blood and lots of it.

Originality, It seemed original and it took the home invasion concept and twisted it into a thing where crime and murder is legal so you can’t do anything about it, no one but yourself and allies can save you.

I really enjoyed this film; it did have a slow take off but built as it progressed.

I give this film 4/5 stars.