Grave Halloween. ( Film Review)




A young woman who is studying in Japan for college, seeks to honor her mother in the Suicide Forest, her mother committed suicide there.  On Halloween, a ritual is held to honor those who have past and make sure they pass on. Miko, and her friends go to the forest to document their journey. As they venture into the forest they encounter weird and unusual happenings; voices, visions, and ghosts.

Grave Halloween is a SyFy original movie, which premiered October 19th 2013. The film uses western and Japanese horror which worked well. The film was well made for TV, knowing most SyFy films, it didn’t feel cheap or cheesy.

The film seemed original in the sense, there hasn’t been a lot of movies featuring the Suicide Forest.  There are been numerous documentaries about the forest where people from around the world come to kill themselves. The premise seemed interesting, being how the forest is controversial.

The script was good for a TV movie, it flowed really well, and there weren’t any plot holes. The acting was also good and believable. The main actress, Kaitlyn Leed was very good in her role as Miko.

Regarding special effects, they were well done. The mysterious ghosts in the forest were well done and made to look real. As mentioned earlier, SyFy tends to go cheap on effects and make up.

Some scenes that I thought were well done are, the dream sequences. The film-makers made them dreamlike and allowed them to tell the back story. The chase through the forest by the ghosts gave it an eerie feeling and allowed for some great scares.

Overall thoughts, the film was great for a TV movie. The acting was great and so were the effects. The story flowed easy and was left open for a second film. I recommend this film to fans of the genre as well as to new fans who are curious to see more films.



Haunting’s: Wyoming Frontier Prison.


The Wyoming Frontier Prison, a place of overcrowding, horrible deaths, living conditions were many of America’s most horrible criminals held their sentences. It’s said to be haunted by the past criminals that once lived there. Lets what the Wyoming Frontier prison has to offer.


The Wyoming Frontier Prison was the state’s first state penitentiary, the prison was laid in 1888 but due to events like weather and funding issues the prison didn’t open its door’s till  1901. The prison has 104 cells. It also had no electricity, heating and no running water.  Some of the executions were hangings, and gas chambers. 14 men were executed all together nine were hung and five were gassed. The prison had different disciplinary actions, a dungeon, several solitary confident and a punishment pole were inmates were handcuffed and whipped by a rubber hose.   Many deaths beside executions happened at the prison, it’s reported that over 200 inmates have died due to living conditions, some guards were murdered by inmates who tried to escape. Lots of stress and death plague the prison.  Many of the executions were slow and painful, the gas chamber took up to 10 minutes, and eyes popped tongues bloated, slow suffocation all happened. The hanging was a slow process as well.

The prison wasn’t all grizzly; it produced many goods for four major industries during the years of 1901 and 1917 the prison had a boom factory, but the factory was burned down by some of the inmates during a riot. The factory was then rebuilt and was used a shirt factory it brought more revenue to the state. The last products the prison made were blankets for the military and license plates. The prison then closed in 1981. It sat abandoned till 1987 were a movie was filmed, significant damage was done due to the building not being recognized as a historic place. In 1988 it was dubbed a museum and was named a historic place, it now gives tours too many visitors.

Paranormal Activity:

Due to the deaths of the executed and deaths of the inmates who died from the living conditions the ghosts are reportedly to roam the halls. Maybe the ghost’s are scared that they will go to hell, so they haunt the prison instead.  The inmates were murders, rapists, burglars and committed other crimes. These men who committed horrible crimes now haunt the prison, so imagine what type of things the ghosts do to visitors.

Ghost Adventures was there to see if the prison was really haunted, here is what they found.

Watch here

Haunting’s: Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


The Trans-Allegheny lunatic asylum in West Virginia, in the town of Weston, the asylum has a history of death and torture. The asylum is reportedly haunted, making it one of America’s top 10 haunted places and maybe the world. Due to its history it may make it clear as to why.

Brief history:

The asylum was built in 1858 – 1881; it opened to patients in 1864. The hospital’s first patient was a female housekeeper. The hospital was designed as a Gothic revival and Tudor revival style, the architect was Richard Andrews, the hospital is also the world’s largest cut stone masonry building in North America.  The hospital was only supposed to house 250 people, but it had overcrowding issues making the guest grand total to 2,400 patients in 1950. The conditions were poor and not well, the hospital was closed due to the changes in treatments to the patients and the physical deterioration of the building, it closed its doors in 1994. Now it’s used for ghost tours and other tours. (To read more about the history click here)


Hundreds of people have died at the hospital, which would make sense for the supposed haunting and paranormal activity. Many staff members and guests have seen apparitions, heard voices, and felt something touch them.

Many ghost hunters from around the world have visited the hospital, including the popular show, ghost adventures

They hosted a live special from the hospital; they locked themselves in for several hours.

See here

A group called Adventure myth stopped by as well

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Haunting’s: Edinburgh Vaults.


The Edinburgh Vaults are said to be filled with paranormal activity. Due to the history of the city and  vaults it’s no surprise that many visitors of the south bridge vaults report ghostly happenings.


The vaults are a series of chambers that were 19 arches underneath the South Bridge in Edinburgh. The vaults were used to house taverns, Cobblers, Tradesmen and other shop owners. They lived down in the vaults and worked on their trade. But due to poor construction, rain came in constantly through the cracks also the waste, blood and other diseases came in as well, making it a hazard’s place to live. After the shops closed the homeless and other people who were a burden to society lived down there. There is some speculation if the victims of serial killers Burke and Hare are buried in the tunnels.  

During the Irish Potato Famine during 1845-1847 thousands of Irish immigrants came to Scotland only looking for survival. They were forced into the vaults; the vaults housed up to 10 people or more, making it horrible living conditions barely any circulation and damp conditions. This became Edinburgh’s red light district; Prostitution, gambling, rape and murder ran rampant as well as disease. By the late 19th century the vaults were closed off for good. In 1988 a local man crawled through a passageway in one of his buildings, he found the closed off vaults. Then reports of ghostly activity poured in.

Paranormal Activity:

There are several ghosts’ that live down in the vaults. Many visitors report cold gusts of air, they claim to   hear voices and have seen apportions of some the spirits.

Some of the ghost’s now have names

A ghost that is named Mr. Boots is said to haunt the back section of the vaults, he is an evil entity that is known to throw rocks at guests and push them. He was nicknamed that due to his large boots that can be seen and heard.

A ghost child by the name Jack, he likes to grab hands in the wine vault section.

There could be more ghosts down there due to its violent history; if you’re interested book yourself a ghost tour and maybe you will see Mr. Boots, Jack or a new ghost.

The popular TV show, Ghost Adventures stopped at the vaults, they claimed to have heard and seen ghostly activity during their visit.  

Click here to watch the Ghost Adventures episode

Hauntings: Talbot Hotel.


Looking for a hotel in Oundle England?

Why not try the Talbot Hotel?

A historic hotel with an interesting history

It has nice rooms

Lovely breakfast and dinner

They host weddings and conferences

Nice grounds around the property

And a range of ghosts… But don’t worry; they won’t bite, unless you provoke them…

Brief History:

The stone work and stair case are said to come from a castle that was called Fotheringhay castle. When the hotel was rebuilt in 1626, Marry Queen of Scotts was executed in the castle in 1587. Her son and grandson worked on demolishing the castle.  It’s said that when marry walked to her execution she left a mark on the stair case by gripping on the handle of the stair case to keep her balance. Her ring left a small indent on the stair case.  There is a monument of the  castle , but the ghost of Marry could now be at the hotel.


Many ghost’s have been seen in and around the hotel, lots of activity has happened causing things to come off the walls, ghost’s have been seen walking down and up the stair case, furniture has moved and a picture of marry has been thrown off the wall a few times. A guest staying in the room dedicated to her has reported feeling cold hands pushing them against the bed. Could it be marry?  Or someone else?

Check out these cool videos from ghosts hunters that were at the hotel, see for yourself if its actually haunted. Convinced? Then book yourself a stay, preferably in Mary’s room.

Click here for part one

Click here for part two

Click here for part three

Haunting’s: Vulture Mine.

Grab your guns, grab your horse’s and grab your gold pans cause were going to Vulture mine In Wickenburg Arizona.  The Vulture mine was once a bustling town; people moved there once word got out that there was gold in the mines.  People had hopes of making it big and getting rich.  There of course was greed and all men for himself attitudes. People who tried to steal the gold were hung, people who tried to steal gold from the mine were killed in a cave in, but of course there were murders, rapes and other stories that keep the talk of paranormal activity fresh. Let’s dig into, Vulture Mine.


The Vulture mine was discovered by Henry Wickenburg in 1863; Henry sold the mine a few years later. But after that, it became one of the most productive gold mines in the state of Arizona. The population of Vulture grew to 5,000 as word got out that there was gold. The mine sparked development for Phoenix and Arizona. The mine produced over 200 million dollars worth of gold, though the exact amount is still unknown.  The city was notorious for its theft, people who tried to steal gold from the vault or mine were hung without trail. They were hung from the Vulture hanging tree, which is still there today.  The mine closed in 1942 during World War II. The town still sits there; you can take a tour of the town, or join a local ghost hunting team and discover a whole new town.

Paranormal activity:

Since the hangings, murders and other violent happenings that plagued the town, many visitors, workers, and ghost hunting teams claim the mine town is haunted.  In different buildings and locations throughout the town, you can experience a ghost or two.

The caretaker’s home, which is now, abandoned the caretaker and her husband claimed to have seen a ghost standing right next to the fire place.

The tree, where 18 men were hung from is a hot spot for paranormal activity.

The vault is reportedly haunted by two men who tried to steal gold; sometimes you can hear them telling you to “take the gold”

A ghost named “Mexican Rita” is said to haunt the Bordello building

In the school house building, there is some activity a shadow figure was spotted in the door way, and a woman standing up against the wall was pushed.

In the office,  something throws a rock threw a window, also the 2nd floor of the office has been known to have someone walking on the floor, causing dirt to come down and make loud booming footsteps.

Ghost towns are notorious for paranormal activity, the popular ghost adventures show went out to see if the mining town lived up to the rumors.

Watch here

The Purge: movie review

The Purge, a movie that tried to re define horror and re define America. This movie was on the top of my list to see, being how we were plagued with many remakes and crappy cliché films over the year. This movie looked promising and full of good action. But did it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look.

The Purge, a movie about once a year all crime is legal in America, due to the new Founding Fathers. The night allows for people to cleanse their souls and cleanse all the hate they harbor inside them. You can do whatever you want basically, but there are some restrictions level 10 politicians are off limits and some weapons as well. You can try to protect yourself by staying inside, or buying a state of the art security system.

The movie followed a family of four as they prepared for the annual purge, James who’s a sales man of a state of the art security system; his home and everyone else’s home have his companies system, so he has made a huge fortune. His wife Mary is a stay at home mom, it seemed like and their two kids Zoey and Henry. They prep for the annual night by eating dinner, and then followed by arming their house and listening to the annual warning system to start the purge.

As the family goes about their daily routines, Henry spots a man trying to find shelter for the night, as he’s being chased by a group of people, his feelings overtake what his dad said, and so he lets him in. The group that was chasing the man shows up at the front door of the Sadin’s residence. They demand him to come out so they can purge, and that’s when the terror and twists and turns begin.

This movie did have a lot of good things going about it. I enjoyed the twist which separated it from many home invasion films; the government encourages this night and many citizens as well.  I enjoyed how it played out and how it ended.

Though it did have some flaws, the acting was a bit awkward, it didn’t seem to have a flow until the movie got going, the movie didn’t really explain how the purge became a thing, nor did it show anything outside (Not that it’s a flaw, it would have been pretty cool to see) Also the scares were good, but some were your average cliché scares that are found in most films.

A few scenes that were really well done, was the ending scene, can’t give to much away but it had some humor in it which made it pretty good and also had a big twist.

The rec-room scene was very well done, lots of great action and surprises.

The gore level was average, not much gore expect, blood and lots of it.

Originality, It seemed original and it took the home invasion concept and twisted it into a thing where crime and murder is legal so you can’t do anything about it, no one but yourself and allies can save you.

I really enjoyed this film; it did have a slow take off but built as it progressed.

I give this film 4/5 stars.