Haunting’s: The Ancient Ram Inn.


Haunting’s: Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn was built on an ancient Pagan burial ground; the inn is located in Wotton- under- edge in England. The Inn was built upon a burial ground where bones and other findings are still being found. The inn has a certain unsettling feeling when you walk in. Creaky floor’s musty smells and overbearing feeling of being watched by something, or someone, due to its history it’s not hard to see why.

Brief history:

the inn was built in 1145; it was a former priest’s residence and also an inn and public house. The pagan burial ground that is said to be underneath the Inn is about 5,000 years old. The house was first used to house masons, slaves and workers who were building the St. Mary’s church across the street. The land sits upon an intersection, the ley lines. People believe that those two lines hold high spiritual energy. Using a map, those two lines can be traced all the way to  Stonehenge legends say that the energy from Stonehenge travel’s to power the paranormal activity in Wotton. A witch, who is said to haunt the place, was burned at the stake during the 1500’s during the prosecutions. She took refuge in the Inn before she was captured. Many people believe she haunts the place, a room called the “witches room” is dedicated to her. In the late 1960’s a man by the name of John Humphries, watched the house. During his first few nights, john was met with an angry spirit who grabbed him by the arm and dragged him down the hall way. John is the only living occupant in the Ancient Ram Inn, he dedicated his years protecting the house. Inside the home he found evidence of spiritual rituals, scarifies and devil worship. He discovered skeletal remains of children under the staircase, also with the skeletons broken daggers. He still claims to be haunted and attacked the spirits in the house.

Paranormal activity:

The current owner and previous owners have claimed this house to have many different spirits. Which makes it the most haunted house in all of Great Britain.

An Incubus is said to haunt the place, it wakes you up and wants to have sex with you.

A witch haunts a room in the house; she is reportedly nasty and mean.

Many people have reportedly became possessed in the bishop’s room and had to go to the church to get exorcised.

These may seem like extreme claims, but the popular TV show Ghost Adventures stopped by for a visit to see if the claims were true.

Watch here

A local team of ghost hunters stopped by the Inn and found some interesting things

 Watch here

After watching decide for yourself if the inn is truly haunted, if you’re convinced stop by for a visit if you’re ever near Wotton, if you’re not convinced consider stopping by as well.


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