Hautning’s: Moosham Castle, Austria.


Moonsham Castle, or known as the Witches Castle, due to the beheading of hundreds of witches. Many claim to see the witches haunting the castle.

The castle was built in 1208, during the thirteenth century. The Moonsham Castle was a torture site for the most bloodiest and horrific trails for accused witches during the years of 1675 and 1687. An archbishop made several accusations against certain women, claiming they were witches, so it was off with their head.

Other myths that surround the castle is a werewolf, during 1715 and 1717, the district that surrounded the castle was plagued by many wolves that have been attacking the live stock. People hunted down the wolf(s) but were never seen again, people thought it had to be a supernatural attack and that the people who went looking for the beast’s turned into beasts themselves or were brutally killed.  As time went on, people were accused of being werewolf’s themselves and  later imprisoned

As time went on, many legends and stories haunt the castle. People who work their claim to have spotted witches and heard the howling of a wolf, maybe it’s a local wolf that’s not supernatural. But the apparitions of the witches aren’t  Many television shows have gone into the castle and claimed to have seen, felt and heard the ghosts. Is the castle really haunted? The castle has been listed in some of the top 10 most haunted places in some polls, and one of the most scariest castles.

The beauty and scenery of the castle, makes it almost fairy tale like, but is the beauty deceiving?

Let’s take a look at some of the footage that was shot in the castle.

This footage was filmed by Ghost Hunters.

Part one 

Part two


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